Thousands of people have benefitted and influenced by the devotion enhancing discourses of Shri Maharajji.The essence of true divine nectar is shed in the Shrimad bhagwat recitation by beloved guruji. Every person poor or rich, young or old,belonging to any caste feels an immediate connect to Maharajji and is transported to the zone of spiritual upliftment. The path to self realization is cemented  and Seed of Shri Krishna devotion are planted… Slowly way of life changes and in no time life becomes magical and series of spiritual experience begins to unfold and the reveal THE ONE who is worth searching…

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Shrimad Bhagwatam , the lord himself or the voice of the lord Himself, is a complex book.Truly, its true nectar but to absrb its true essece an able guru is required who could undersand the complex topics and explain them in layman  language. Shri Maharajji a great orator, gets you to complex topics in a jiffy and with his beautiful narration takes you to the zone where you feel you are eye witness to the events yourself.The story unfolds and you are spell bound and filled with high emotion and devotion…..

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Spiritual quest products are known for their high quality and purity.Our most famous essence and perfumes open up doors of spiritual experiences and you are surrounded by positive energies.The surroundings are pure and positive. Moreover all our products are herbal and safe.


Endeavour to reach the holi feet of Shri krishna and his consort Shrimati Shri Radharani….. Revealing the purpose of our life…. Krishna bhakti….secrets of Shrimad Bhagwatam…applying bhagwatam to our daily life…the secrets of mantras… a better life….the best way to worship……Essence of vrindavan…..Traditional Vrindavan bhajans….. gopi prem…..beautiful bhajans…

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